What can be a good award presentation speech example?


Have you been chosen to deliver a speech associated with some outstanding events? Congratulations! That’s a great honor and believe me there are always plenty of candidates for such occasions. What? Do you have some doubts? Are you not sure how to complete an excellent speech? Are you afraid of doing something wrong during the presentation? Stop panicking! This article is intended to help in writing most inspiring and rousing speech ever.

So, what to begin with? There are two acceptable ways: you may start with presenting yourself and go further with describing an award or you may firstly describe an award and then mention your name and underline how you are related with it and why it’s especial honor to get this chance of giving this award speech. Note that central to the speech is an event or a person it is dedicated to. Everyone knows that there are two main components of any presentation: speaker’s behavior and the content. Let’s look closer on these two components.

Language and content

It has been already mentioned higher how you can start. Most probably you won’t have any difficulties with describing event: there is a lot of information on the Internet. However, you need to conduct some research to make your speech unique and unusual. A good idea may be a short excursus to the award history, providing some impressive or funny facts. Here you need to be careful to avoid any duplication and if you manage to uncover something long-forgotten and exciting success is almost granted. Obviously you need to read some previous speeches available but do not pay them too much time and attention: despite aiming at originality you’ll make your own writing to similar under their influence. Don’t forget to express gratitude to the place owners, sponsors, and everyone in general for being present. The next stage is creating intrigue. Outline the criteria candidates should have met and qualities had, mention areas of achievements, maybe drop a slight hint. You need to catch audience attention and bring the tension to the highest pitch before announcing the name of the winner. Step by step inform audience on how awesome, special, dedicated, and deserving the person is, make it clearer and clearer who exactly this is and announce the winner. While he/she is making a way to the award you’ll have some time to support him/her with approving words and congratulate him/her already on the stage. After the award is granted it’s time to move further to another topic/ winner or turn the floor over to somebody.

A few words about the language: it should be official and the style used businesslike, but it doesn’t exclude using some slang words or jokes. In fact they are even advantageous if are spoken fitly.


Make sure to take enough rehearsals. Excessive gestures, awkward pauses, mumbling are unacceptable. You should have a confident bearing and be dressed up perfectly. It would be greatly to view some related events or even Oscar ceremony to get an idea about the presenting speeches and speaker’s demeanor.

Overall, keep calm and rock the award presentation!

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